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Effortlessly rewrite PDF, Word, TXT documents, articles and text with an advanced text rephrasing copilot! Our AI-powered paraphrasing tool uses AI and GPT to deliver fresh, unique content.

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AI and GPT-based Document and Text Paraphrasing Tool

Stop struggling to rephrase text! Our text rephrasing AI tool is a powerful web application that utilizes cutting-edge AI technology (including GPT) to rewrite your text and Word documents quickly and effectively. Get started with this rephrasing tool today and unlock the power of AI-powered content rewriting!

Why this AI rephrasing tool is the best choice:

  • Powered by GPT: Leverage the power of one of the most advanced AI language models for superior paraphrasing results.
  • Easy to Use: Simply upload your text or PDF, Word, TXT document and let paraphrasing tool work its magic.
  • 100% Free: Use AI text rephraser risk-free and experience the benefits of AI paraphrasing firsthand.
  • Secure & Reliable: Your data is protected with our secure platform.

Effortless Paraphrasing in 3 Steps

Provide text or Upload a document.

Click the "Paraphrase" button to start the AI-based text paraphrasing process.

The copilot will intelligently paraphrase your document/text and present the result.

Get Answers to Common Questions

This AI paraphrasing tool keeps the original formatting of the Word document and paraphrases the text only.
The AI Paraphrasing Copilot strives for high accuracy in maintaining the original meaning while providing creative paraphrasing.
Yes, you can. However, while you can paraphrase substantial text, it's recommended to focus on specific sentences or paragraphs for optimal results.
Yes, at the moment, you can paraphrase first 5 pages of a document only.

Maximize Your Text/Document Paraphrasing Experience

Experience the power of AI-powered writing assistance with AI document rephrasing tool. Our free paraphrasing app lets you explore the possibilities firsthand.