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Your Free AI-Powered Content Moderation Tool

Your one-stop solution for maintaining a positive and inclusive online environment with our free AI-powered text moderation tool. This content moderation tool analyzes document or text for harmful content, including harassment, hate speech, and sexual content.

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Protect Your Online Community with Free AI-Powered Text Moderation

AI Text Moderation is a user-friendly web application that provides a quick and efficient way to moderate text content. Simply upload your Word, PDF, TXT documents, or paste your text directly into the app. Our advanced AI technology scans the text and flags any potential issues for your review.

Why is Text Moderation Important?

The internet has revolutionized communication, fostering connection and creativity on a global scale. However, this freedom also presents challenges. The anonymity and ease of online interaction can sometimes lead to the spread of harmful content, including hate speech, harassment, and bullying. This is where text moderation steps in, acting as a crucial safeguard for a healthy online environment.

The Role of AI in Text Moderation

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in text moderation. Advanced AI algorithms can analyze text with greater accuracy and efficiency, identifying a wider range of harmful content, including nuances and slang that might be missed by human moderators.

AI Content Moderation Features

  • Free to Use: It is completely free, making it accessible for everyone.

  • AI-Powered Moderation: Our advanced AI technology detects a wide range of harmful content, including harassment, hate speech, and sexual content.

  • Multiple File Formats: Supports uploading Word, PDF, and TXT documents for easy moderation.

  • Real-Time Analysis: Get instant results for your text moderation needs.

  • Direct Text Input: No need for file uploads, simply paste your text directly into the app.

Text Moderation in 3 Simple Steps

Open AI Text Moderation Tool in browser.

Upload a Word, PDF, or TXT file or provide text.

Get instant text moderation results.


Yes, AI Text Moderation tool is 100% free to use, making it an accessible solution for everyone.

It can detect a wide range of harmful content, including harassment, hate speech, bullying, threats, and sexually suggestive language.

Yes, we take data security very seriously. We keep your documents safe and delete them from our servers after 24 hours.

Our Text Moderation tool supports Word (.docx, .doc), PDF (.pdf), and TXT (.txt) documents. You can also directly paste text into the app for moderation.

Our AI-based content moderation is highly accurate, but it is always recommended to review flagged content before taking any action.

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