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Utilizing Excel Summary Copilot

Follow these simple steps to get a summary of your spreadsheet data:

Upload Your Spreadsheet

Start by uploading your Excel, XLSX, XLS, or Numbers file. Drag and drop your file or browse to upload it.

AI-Powered Analysis

Once uploaded, our AI system will analyze the data in your spreadsheet. It comprehensively reads through tables, charts, and figures to prepare a summary.

Receive Your Summary

After analysis, a concise and informative summary of your spreadsheet data will be presented. This includes key insights and data highlights for quick understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What file formats does the Summarizer support?

Our tool supports Excel, Spreadsheet, XLSX, XLS, and Numbers file formats.

How accurate is the summarization?

The AI-powered summarizer provides highly accurate insights by analyzing the data contextually.

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