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Make a scanned document or image into a fully searchable PDF using OCR.

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Create a searchable PDF App is a conversion of a PDF file consisting of scanned text or screenshots, into a file having text and enabling you to search for specific keywords in the text and use the copy/paste to retrieve the text from the PDF.
The resulting text is included as a searchable text layer in the PDF file. The most common cause of a PDF not being searchable is that it was made from a scanned document. Scanners often capture the contents of a document as an image stored inside the PDF file, for future recognition of the document's text. Converting a scanned PDF - invoice, bill, receipt, agreement - into a "hybrid PDF" searchable PDF has many enhancements. The App is good for the recognition of printed text from photos, but not proper for handwritten text. For more accurate character recognition it is worth selecting the language of the document, it is especially valuable for the fact that many of the characters of the languages only looks similar.
Creating a searchable PDF document will help you in such cases, you have a scanned book or documentation with a large number of pages and it is important for you to save formatting, styles, images, formulas, etc. in this PDF document. if you just apply OCR technology, the formatting will be corrupted, and the pictures in your book will be ignored altogether, but with this application, you will get all the benefits of digitizing printed literature and OCR (text recognition) technology.