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Get to the Point: AI-Powered PowerPoint Summary in Seconds

PowerPoint Summarizer is a free online web application that utilizes advanced AI technology to analyze and summarize your PowerPoint presentations. Simply upload your PPT or PPTX file, and our intelligent system will extract the main points, key concepts, and essential information from your slides. This concise summary saves you valuable time by allowing you to quickly grasp the core content of your presentation without having to revisit the entire slide deck.

Features of Free AI Summarizer for Presentations

  • Effortless Summarization: Upload your PPT or PPTX file and get a concise summary in seconds, saving you valuable time and effort.

  • AI-Powered Accuracy: Our advanced AI technology intelligently analyzes your slides, extracting key points and essential information with exceptional accuracy.

  • Secure and Private: Rest assured that your uploaded files are protected with robust security measures in place.

  • Free and Accessible: No subscriptions or hidden fees! Summarize your presentations as often as needed, completely free of charge.

  • Fast and Efficient Get on-the-go presentation summaries in seconds, perfect for a quick refresh before a meeting or sharing key points with colleagues.

Generate Presentation Summary in 3 Simple Steps

Open Summarizer tool in your browser

Upload your PPT/PPTX presentation.

Generate summary and download it as a TXT file.


The app currently supports PPT and PPTX files (Microsoft PowerPoint presentations).

Yes, the app is completely free to use for all your presentation summarizing needs.

The summarization process is very fast! It typically takes just seconds to generate a summary for your presentation.

The summary will focus on the key points, main ideas, and essential information from your slides, including text, bullet points, and headings.

Yes, your uploaded files are secure. We take data security very seriously and have measures in place to protect your information.

Common User's Questions

The summary is typically presented as a plaintext, highlighting the key points from your presentation. You can download summary as a TXT file.

Yes, the generated summary is a text file that you can edit and customize according to your needs.

Absolutely! You can easily copy and paste the summary or download it as a text file to share with colleagues or anyone who needs to be informed.

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