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Free Document Chat Assistant is your one-stop shop for document understanding. AI-powered tool to summarize documents, answer your questions, and extract key information. Upload, chat & understand your documents in seconds!

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Free AI Chat Assistant for Documents

Unleash the power of your documents with Document Chat - A free, AI-powered chat assistant that revolutionizes document comprehension. Simply upload your Word, PDF, or TXT files and have a conversation with document chat app. This innovative tool utilizes advanced GPT technology to understand your documents, allowing you to ask questions, receive summaries, and gain deeper understanding - all within a user-friendly chat interface.

Stop wasting time struggling with documents! Chat with documents clarifies confusing parts, delivers summaries, and empowers you to get the most out of your documents.

AI Document Assistant - Features

  • Popular Document Formats: Upload and chat about Word, PDF, and TXT documents.

  • AI-Powered Chat: Ask questions and receive AI-powered summaries and insights.

  • GPT-based Replies: GPT technology ensures accurate and informative responses.

  • Secure: Secure document upload and processing.

  • 100% Free: Free to use and accessible from any device.

Start Document Chat in 3 Simple Steps

Open Document Chat application in browser.

Upload a Word, PDF, or TXT file.

Ask questions about the document.


Document Chat supports Word (.docx/.doc), PDF (.pdf), and TXT (.txt) documents.

Yes, Document Chat app uses secure protocols for document upload and processing.

No, Document Chat is completely free to use!

You can ask anything related to the content of your document, such as summaries, key points, specific details, or clarification on confusing parts.

Document Chat utilizes GPT technology, a powerful AI model for natural language processing.

Why this AI Document Chat assistant?

Ask questions and get instant insights from your documents, ditch the time-consuming search.

No complex software to learn, just upload Word, PDF, or TXT file and chat with document in a familiar chat interface.

Get answers to your document queries in seconds, thanks to powerful AI technology and GPT models.

Talk to Your Documents

Ever felt lost in a sea of text? Imagine having a patient and knowledgeable assistant by your side, ready to answer any question you have about a document. AI Document Chat is your free, AI-powered chat application that revolutionizes the way you interact with your documents.

No more flipping through pages or rereading confusing sections. Simply upload your Word, PDF, or TXT files and have a conversation with Chat with Doc app. This innovative tool utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and GPT models to understand the content of your documents. Ask questions, receive summaries, and gain deeper insights - all within a user-friendly chat interface. AI document assistant empowers you to unlock the full potential of your documents, saving you time and frustration.